Ny REES-rapport om styrmedel för en cirkulär ekonomi

15 December, 2016  |  General

Rapporten beskriver hur beslutsfattare inom offentlig och privat sektor kan bidra till resurseffektivisering och slutna kretslopp och den ger också en inblick i behovet av styrmedel för att uppnå cirkulär ekonomi. Det är problematiskt för beslutsfattare inom offentliga och privata sektorn att förstå alla aspekter av den cirkulära ekonomin, och hur deras beslut kan bidra till... Read more

New REES report outlines the need for governmental interventions

15 December, 2016  |  General

Policy makers and business executives find it increasingly difficult to comprehend the different aspects of the concept of Circular Economy and how they can make a difference in their decisions, by “closing the loop” and increasing resource efficiency. This report answers to these uncertainties and provides guidelines towards policy areas that would require particular attention in the future... Read more

Coffee maker – the first design challenge

18 November, 2016  |  General

Redesign a coffee machine and make it as environmentally friendly and resource efficient as possible, throughout its entire lifespan. This was the challenge given to representatives from six of the Mistra REES companies at a workshop in Gothenburg earlier this month. “It was good to design both products and services at the same time.” “It was fun but tough”. “Acting outside the... Read more