Mistra REES researchers, research as well as results plays an active part in the updating of the ISO 14006 about Environmental management systems — Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign

This week researchers from the Mistra REES programme are attending a three days meeting at BSI in London. The ISO 14006 standard, first published in 2011, now undergoes an updating process. The standard provides guidelines to assist organizations in establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and continually improving their management of ecodesign as part of their environmental management systems (EMS).

Shift in mindset

“There is growing recognition of the need to manage eco-design driven by an increasing understanding of business benefits . The ISO14006 revision process is responding to this shift in mindset” Martin Charter, Convenor of ISO14006.
“Since the standard was introduced, the interest among the manufacturing industry, worldwide, about incorporating EcoDesign in their standard operations have increased”, states Erik Sundin, senior researcher in Mistra REES.

Latest practice

Mistra REES researchers, Mattias Lindahl and Erik Sundin, also involved in the initial crafting of the standard, now takes an active role in bringing the standard up to date. Part of their contribution is bringing in the latest research results from e.g. the Mistra REES program. The process is a two year process that started last year. “Sweden’s input, bringing in the latest practice and trends from the Swedish manufacturing industry, not at least small and medium enterprises, is considered very valuable by other countrie. Sweden is considered one of the leading countries in the Ecodesign area. Furthermore, it is a very valuable way to disseminate and make important research results utilized in the society”, states Mattias Lindahl, program manager for Mistra REES.
Once our Mistra REES researchers are back, we will keep you updated on the further progress.

For more information about the standard, contact Mattias Lindahl.