Debate article in Swedish newspaper

12 October, 2023  |  Media

"Our view of the economy and growth needs to change fundamentally. This does not mean that we should stop striving for economic growth. But the rules must be rewritten for the industry." In conjunction with the "Moving on" conference in Brussels, 12-13 October, ten researchers from Mistra REES present a five-point program to transition to a more circular and sustainable society in a debate... Read more

The proposals that will speed up the circular economy.

15 April, 2021  |  Media

The delegation for circular economy, chaired by Åsa Domeij, has just submitted a report to the Minister of Environment and Climate, Per Bolund. Hear Mistra REES researcher Maria Ljunggren and Åsa Domeij talk about circular economy in Swedish Radio's program Studio Ett. (In... Read more

Real or fake Christmas tree, which is the best in terms of sustainability?

23 December, 2020  |  Media

Listen to Mistra REES researcher Anne-Marie Tillman as she sorts out the question in Swedish Radio's program Nordengren & Epstein i P1 Link to the episode (about 31 minutes into the program and in Swedish... Read more

“From Black Friday to Circular Monday and a sustainable year”

26 November, 2020  |  Media

Tomorrow it’s ”Black Friday”, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. We are bombarded with deals, specials and reasons to consume. Oksana Mont, together with Mistra REES researcher Carl Dalhammar and Alexandra Davidsson from “Medveten konsumtion” have written a debate article on this topic which was published in Aktuell Hållbarhet. Read the debate article here. (In Swedish... Read more

“Circular economy is a complex issue that requires cooperation”

28 July, 2020  |  Media

Closing remarks from business leaders and experts in sustainability, including researchers within Mistra REES,  to comments on their latest debate article. Read more here. (In Swedish... Read more

New authority is needed to manage circular economy

18 July, 2020  |  Media

New debate article from business leaders and experts in sustainability, including researchers from Mistra REES published on DN-Debatt today. Read it here. (In Swedish... Read more

Planerat åldrande vanligt – ”Målet är att kunden ska köpa nytt”

13 March, 2020  |  Media

Mistra REES programdirektör Mattias Lindahl gör uttalanden i en artikel i Ny Teknik. Läs artikeln... Read more

Raseri mot Sonos: ”Ställ högre krav”

25 January, 2020  |  Media

Mistra REES programdirektör Mattias Lindahl medverkar i en ny debattartikel i SvD. Läs artikeln... Read more