Mistra REES researchers Erik Sundin and Mattias Lindahl are participating in writing a new international standard on Ecodesign called “Environmental Conscious Design (ECD) – Principles, requirements and guidance”.

Among 15 experts, Erik Sundin and Mattias Lindahl, are actively creating the first ISO standard on Ecodesign in London this week. This standard is unique since it is new and also first time that ISO and IEC are writing a standard together. Having written the ISO14006 standard on how to incorporate ecodesign into environmental management systems in 2011 this new standard is a natural step. This new Ecodesign standard aims at explaining principles, specifying requirements and providing guidance to integrate environmental aspects into design process for products and services. Furthermore, the standard is planned to be applicable to products within all organizations regardless of size, type and industry sector.

“ JWG ECD received a nice input from WG10 regarding the definition of design and development. JWG ECD and WG10 will continue to work on and come up with harmonized definition” Yoshi Ichikawa, Convenor of IEC/ISO JWG ECD 62959

“ In research there has been many different definitions and descriptions on how to perform Ecodesign. By establishing this international standard there will be something solid to refer to when talking to companies and other researchers which is a really good thing. In addition, the impact of this standard will be satisfying since it is made for both world of ISO and IEC. ”, states Erik Sundin, senior researcher in Mistra REES.

Mistra REES researchers, Mattias Lindahl and Erik Sundin, started to work within this kind of meetings last year in Kista (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Frankfurt (Germany). At this point there are many comments from different countries to consider in order to improve the standard further.

“This standard is a valuable occasion to support Swedish manufacturing industry, by disseminating important research results regarding eco-design, i.e. how to design resource efficient and efficient solutions. It is especially a pleasure since this knowledge have been co-created together with Swedish manufacturing industries ”, states Mattias Lindahl, program manager for Mistra REES.

For more information about the standard, contact Mattias Lindahl.


Mattias Lindahl

Program Director, Professor