Mistra REES - Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions

Mistra REES – Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy thinking is a programme run by a consortium of leading Swedish universities, large and small companies and societal actors. The program’s vision is to advance the transition of the Swedish manufacturing industry towards a circular and sustainable economy.

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The IS4CE2020 Circular Economy Conference 6-7th July

The IS4CE2020 Circular Economy Conference 6-7th July is co-organized by Mistra REES and digitally hosted by Linköping... Read more

5 July, 2020

Corona-related research with potential to create benefits

IVA's 100 list contains many research projects with great potential to create benefits, through industrial... Read more

5 June, 2020

Webinar – How to finance the green recovery and a transition to a low-carbon European economy?

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra), IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and... Read more

27 May, 2020

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