Mistra REES - Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions

The Mistra REES research program is a collaboration between leading academic environments, industrial companies and societal actors with the aim of creating knowledge about more resource-efficient and effective solutions (REES) based on a circular economy. The research has been ongoing since 2015, and behind the initiative is a consortium of three universities – Linköping University, Lund University and Chalmers – as well as a number of small and large companies. Since December 2019, the research program’s focus has been expanded to also include financial analysis and business economics aspects of the circular shift.


Mistra REES in Almedalen

Mattias Lindahl, Mistra REES’ program manager will be in Almedalen this year. 28 June 10.00-10.45, Stop burning... Read more

14 June, 2023

EU-initiative on banning product destruction in line with new T20 policy brief

Unsustainable consumption dynamics that lead to companies destroying their unsold clothes on purpose need to be... Read more

9 June, 2023

Best Paper Award 2022 given to Mistra REES researchers

Adeline Jerome, Harald Helander, Maria Ljunggren and Matty Janssen have received Best Paper Award for Review Paper from... Read more

25 May, 2023

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