Corona-related research with potential to create benefits

5 June, 2020  |  General

IVA's 100 list contains many research projects with great potential to create benefits, through industrial commercialization, business and method development or societal impact. Mistra REES is one of the highlighted research programs that are extra relevant right now by offering solutions to challenges associated with the corona crisis. Read more here and watch the related Mistra REES video here.... Read more

Exploring the Circular Economy and Institutions

22 May, 2020  |  General

A seminar with Joss Bleriot and Henry Leveson-Gower. Hosted by Ken Webster. Watch it... Read more

Linköping University is now a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 network.

11 May, 2020  |  General

The Circular Economy 100 (CE100) is a leading network providing a pre-competitive space to learn, share knowledge, and put ideas into practice. Mistra REES is one of the key programs included in Linköping University's profile on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website. Learn more... Read more

PhD student positions in financial assessment of circular economy solutions

8 May, 2020  |  General

LINKÖPING UNIVERSITY Hereby advertises a position as PhD students (licentiate) in Business Administration formally based at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) The two Ph.D. students will be provided with differentiated research topics within the REES program. This will include making an inventory of what methods are used in industry to assess financial performance of... Read more

New Mistra REES publication

6 May, 2020  |  General

A Product/Service System Design Schema: An Application to Big Data Analytics is the title of a recently published article by Mistra REES researchers Tomohiko Sakao and Abhijna Neramballi. The contributions of this article are threefold. First, a consolidated PSS (Product/Service System) design procedure that has high applicability is provided. Second, this article gives one perspective nexus... Read more

Understanding and Supporting Product-Service System Designing: Preliminary Insights and Support for Designing Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions

24 April, 2020  |  General

Licentiate defence by Abhijna Neramballi April 28 at 9.15 Read the thesis here. Abstract This licentiate thesis aims to establish the basis for scientifically understanding and supporting the cognitive processes involved in the conceptual design of resource- efficient and effective product-service systems (PSSs). The research carried out is transdisciplinary in nature and includes... Read more

Policy Framework for Material Resource Efficiency Pathway Towards a Circular Economy

20 April, 2020  |  General

Leonidas Milios has composed, for the Degree of Doctor, an academic thesis (150 credits) entitled Policy Framework for Material Resource Efficiency Pathway Towards a Circular Economy Research subject: Industrial Environmental Economics The public defense of the doctoral thesis will take place on Thursday April 23, 2020 at 1.15 pm at the International Institute for Industrial... Read more

New publication from Mistra REES researchers

9 April, 2020  |  General

“We developed a simulation model to analyse the environmental benefits of sharing over owning of washing machines. The model considers demographic, technological and behavioural aspects. This publication compares the Swedish with the European context and the results indicate a significant potential for resource efficiency and effectiveness of the sharing economy.” Read the article with the... Read more