The chemical tax strikes hard against reuse

15 October, 2021  |  General

"Do not let the chemicals tax do more damage to reuse in Sweden than it has already done. It is time to completely exclude used products." Mistra REES program manager Mattias Lindahl together with Henrik Nilsson, Sebastian Holmström, Anders Wijkman and Elin Bergman urges the government to listen to its own delegation for circular economy on SVD Debate today. Link to the debate article in... Read more

Two new papers on repair policies

13 September, 2021  |  General

Mistra-Rees researchers Leonidas Milios and Carl Dalhammar have contributed to two new papers related to repairs. The papers were presented at the 20th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Graz.   The paper “Repair in the Circular Economy: Towards a national Swedish strategy” looks at how Sweden could develop a more progressive public policy for repairs,... Read more

Circular Economy in the oil industry

3 September, 2021  |  General

While the Circular Economy (CE) and the fossil fuel producers may not seem a ‘natural match’ many CE innovations relevant to Mistra REES and of its Partner companies are in focus for the world's largest oil & gas company Saudi Aramco. How can the CE be operationalised and what are the financial / environmental benefits for an extractive industry Where can material loop concepts... Read more

Abhijna Neramballi and Tomohiko Sakao contributes to the ICED21 conference 16th – 20th August 2021

5 August, 2021  |  General

Take a moment and Zoom in on Product-Service Systems Ecodesigning together with Mistra REES’ researcher Abhijna Neramballi. Already now you can watch his and Tomohiko Sakao’s presentation that will be given during the 23rd International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED) in August 2021.   Link to the presentation Link to the conference... Read more

Is it better to rent clothes than to buy them?

27 July, 2021  |  General

Mistra REES researcher Emma Johnson explains what the research says in SVT Rapport. Listen here! If you wish to read into details then follow this link to the journal... Read more

New article on business models for electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries

26 May, 2021  |  General

A new article in Resources, Conservation and Recycling analyses current business models lithium-ion batteries among vehicle manufacturers. The results demonstrate that many manufacturers are pursuing ‘circular’ strategies, mostly focused on repair, refurbishing, and repurposing. Variation in the operationalization appears to be linked to the degree of manufacturer involvement, indicating that... Read more

Remanufacturing is future’s manufacturing!

7 May, 2021  |  General

Remanufacturing is future’s manufacturing!   Remanufacturing is a key component within a circular economy. An important enabler to secure that products and components can be used longer, now and in the future.   This novel publication from the Mistra REES program presents an interesting method for designing teams and processes in a remanufacturing organization. It is based... Read more

Mistra REES researcher Carl Dalhammar keynote speaker at European conference

7 May, 2021  |  General

Carl Dalhammar was invited speaker at the international conference on ‘Sustainability & Consumption’ in Portugal, April 2021. His speech, titled ‘Product Regulation in the Circular Economy: Product Durability, Re-use and Repairability’ presented findings from research in Mistra-REES. Link to the conference... Read more