This is why the dishwasher lasts for about ten years

17 April, 2021  |  General

Mistra REES program director participates in SVT-news and comments about products durability. Whatch... Read more

The proposals that will speed up the circular economy.

15 April, 2021  |  Media

The delegation for circular economy, chaired by Åsa Domeij, has just submitted a report to the Minister of Environment and Climate, Per Bolund. Hear Mistra REES researcher Maria Ljunggren and Åsa Domeij talk about circular economy in Swedish Radio's program Studio Ett. (In... Read more

Get your business ready for a more circular and sustainable future!

10 April, 2021  |  General

An increasing number of companies, organizations, providers, and customers are interested in more circular and sustainable business models. This article, published in the prestigious Journal of Cleaner Production, features one of the more prominent models, functional sales, as viewed from a life cycle perspective and, in a novel way, its legal, environmental, and economic implications. So far,... Read more

Two Mistra REES researchers elected to the board of Re:Source

9 April, 2021  |  General

Mistra REES researchers Maria Ljunggren and Carl Dalhammar have been elected to the board of Re:Source. Re:Source is one of the Swedish strategic innovation programs focusing on sustainable use of resources. The program has financed ca 160 projects since 2016. Learn more about Re:Source... Read more

Join the Butterfly Effect!

8 April, 2021  |  General

Read the Mistra REES Annual Report... Read more

New Handbook of the Circular Economy

1 April, 2021  |  General

A new handbook of the circular economy brings together the latest thinking by international experts on the circular economy. Anne-Marie Tillman, Siri Willskytt, Daniel Böckin, Hampus André and Maria Ljunggren contribute a chapter on what circular economy measures fit what kind of product. The chapter guides to what measures for resource efficiency, on a product level, give environmental... Read more

“Products are at the heart of the Circular Economy and need to be regulated more strictly”

11 March, 2021  |  General

The Swedish Delegation for Circular Economy has published an interview with Mistra REES researcher Carl Dalhammar on its website. Read the interview... Read more

New article on what metals to prioritize for circular solutions

21 February, 2021  |  General

Mistra REES researchers Hampus André and Maria Ljunggren have a new article in the journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling with the title "Towards comprehensive assessment of mineral resource availability Complementary roles of life cycle, life cycle sustainability and criticality assessments" A diversity of metals is used in today’s products – from smart phones and laptops to... Read more