Is it possible to replace today’s all-thermoplastic variants with a lower number?

28 November, 2022  |  General

This is the title of a report released today by the Unity project, a collaboration between Mistra REES and Mistra STEPS. The large number of different plastic variants with different additives used and mixed in various products causes major problems when recycling plastic material. Even if one succeeds in their recycling, the individual volumes of each separated plastic fraction with clear... Read more

Standards in circular economy contribute to sustainable development

11 October, 2022  |  General

What is circular economy, how do we measure it and at the end how do we make our business models more circular Global standardization will help to answer these questions. Standardization in the field of circular economy is intended to be used by organizations seeking to understand and commit to a circular economy while contributing to sustainable development. Mattias Lindahl and Tomohiko Sakao... Read more

How can first-tier suppliers drive circularity through new business models?

5 May, 2022  |  General

Mistra REES company Volvo Penta faces this question and is getting support from Mistra REES PhD Candidate Lisa Heldt and MSc student Martina Forbicini from the IIIEE at Lund University to develop answers. Today, they visited Volvo Penta’s Vara plant together with Niklas Thulin (Director of Electromobility, Volvo Penta) to learn more about the operations and speak with several company... Read more

Do business model design and governmental policy making interact with each other?

31 January, 2022  |  General

Yes - our new publication documented how they did in the real world. This specific systems perspective was not found in extant review articles to our knowledge and we’re proud of this pioneering work. This question is highly relevant to accelerate transformation towards a circular economy (CE) and many implications for CE are shown in the paper. Refer to Apple’s recent response towards the... Read more

Former Mistra REES student leads Alimak Group’s sustainability work

28 January, 2022  |  General

Alimak Group AB chose to hire Max Bäck as Lead Engineer Sustainability right after he completed his Master theisis project entitled "Generating Product-Service Design Improvements from a Climate Impact and Energy Use Perspective Using Life Cycle Assessment - The case of Vertical Access Equipment". Max work was carried out within the framework of Mistra REES and is one of several good examples of... Read more

The chemical tax strikes hard against reuse

15 October, 2021  |  General

"Do not let the chemicals tax do more damage to reuse in Sweden than it has already done. It is time to completely exclude used products." Mistra REES program manager Mattias Lindahl together with Henrik Nilsson, Sebastian Holmström, Anders Wijkman and Elin Bergman urges the government to listen to its own delegation for circular economy on SVD Debate today. Link to the debate article in... Read more

Two new papers on repair policies

13 September, 2021  |  General

Mistra-Rees researchers Leonidas Milios and Carl Dalhammar have contributed to two new papers related to repairs. The papers were presented at the 20th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Graz.   The paper “Repair in the Circular Economy: Towards a national Swedish strategy” looks at how Sweden could develop a more progressive public policy for repairs,... Read more

Circular Economy in the oil industry

3 September, 2021  |  General

While the Circular Economy (CE) and the fossil fuel producers may not seem a ‘natural match’ many CE innovations relevant to Mistra REES and of its Partner companies are in focus for the world's largest oil & gas company Saudi Aramco. How can the CE be operationalised and what are the financial / environmental benefits for an extractive industry Where can material loop concepts... Read more