Mistra-Rees researchers Leonidas Milios and Carl Dalhammar have contributed to two new papers related to repairs. The papers were presented at the 20th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Graz.


The paper “Repair in the Circular Economy: Towards a national Swedish strategy” looks at how Sweden could develop a more progressive public policy for repairs, and what we can learn from other countries. It also provides recommendations on how to develop Swedish and European policies to promote more consumer repairs.


The paper “Motivating Swedish consumers to repair their electronics” investigates why Swedish consumers often chose to not repair broken personal electronics. This was done through interviews  with consumers, and a survey. The study found that a combination of norms, attitudes and other barriers impede repair activities. The paper provides several recommendations on how to overcome the identified barriers.


More conference papers are available (open access) here .