Remanufacturing is future’s manufacturing!


Remanufacturing is a key component within a circular economy. An important enabler to secure that products and components can be used longer, now and in the future.


This novel publication from the Mistra REES program presents an interesting method for designing teams and processes in a remanufacturing organization. It is based on the concept of loosely coupled systems that enable to localize impacts of deviations and thereby increase the adaptability against uncertainties. The uncertainty is a major characteristic of remanufacturing compared to new manufacturing.


The method has been utilized at Inrego AB, the Swedish market leader in reuse of IT products, e.g. computers and mobile phones. The conclusion is that using cross functional teams in addition is effective in remanufacturing, while an ordinary organizational structure based on-line departments is suitable in manufacturing of new products.

For more info, see this short video presentation or read the article.