Mistra REES PhD student Katherine Whalen at Lund University does research on business models for reuse. Apart from doing research the traditional way, Katherine Whalen puts a lot of effort into making circular economy fun and understandable for all of us. As an example she has helped create circular economy serious games that can be used in workshops. Check them out here.

But it doesn’t end there. She also hosts a weekly a podcast Getting In the Loop, which was born after talking with colleagues about the challenge of staying ‘in the loop’ with all the great circular economy initiatives. Against this background, the podcast is dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society and features interviews with circular economy experts about what they’re doing and learning.

In the latest episode Katherin Whalen talks to another REES researcher, Leonidas Milios. The episode entitled ‘How Policy Can Help Create a More Circular Economy’ focuses on policies that can support product repair and reuse, two key parts of the circular economy. Leonidas shares the economic and environmental incentives to design products and materials to last longer and explained how some countries such as Sweden and France are already paving the way with warrant mandates, spare part policies, and durability guidelines.

Listen to the full episode here

Katherine Whalen and Leonidas Milios