Mistra REES has contributed to a book on functional sales which can be downloaded via this link. The book is only available in Swedish.

This is a popular science guide to the Swedish rules on functional selling (or, if you prefer, as a service-sales). The purpose of the guide is to provide both an overview of the rules on functional sales, and some advice, from a proactive, primarily legal, perspective, for anyone considering starting to sell or buy a function. The guide is written with an intended target group in mind, namely company managements that do not have their own department for accounting and law. However, we believe and hope that it will prove useful for wider groups.

The guide has been written by a group of researchers who have been researching these issues for several years. The research has primarily been funded by the Swedish Energy Agency (and in close collaboration with the research organization Mistra REES), but we have also worked for the business community on these issues.