Introduction – Mattias Lindahl, Professor in EcoDesign and Ph.D. in Machine Design, Linköping University, Member of the Swedish Delegation for Circular Economy.

Key measures to boost circular economy at the EU level – Sarianne Tikkanen Policy Officer on Circular Economy, The European Commission.

Product regulation: developments and challenges – Carl Dalhammar, Associate professor at IIIEE, Lund University, Sweden.

The new European (CEN) technical committee on circular economy – Raul Carlson and Laura Linnala.

How to create more value with less? – Anders Wijkman, Honorary President of the global think tank Club of Rome; Member of the International resource Panel: Director Climate-KIC Foundation.

Panel discussion and question from the audience

The view from industry – Marcus Wangel, Environmental policy expert Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

The view from industry – James Lundström, CE expert Volvo Car.

Trade Rules for a Circular Economy – The case of used lithium-ion batteries Isaac Ouro-Nimini Hansen, Trade Policy Adviser at the Swedish National Board of Trade.

Industry panel with questions from the audience

Chatham House Rules Round table workshop: What are the major obstacles to transition Europe and its industry into more circular ones?

State-of-the-art – Tomohiko Sakao, professor, Environmental Technology and Management, at the Linköping University, Sweden.

Industrial examples – Andreas Mucke, Managing Director Circular Valley. 

Panel discussion with questions from the audience

Measuring the environmental benefits of a more circular economy – Maria Ljunggren, professor, Environmental Systems Analysis, Technology Management and Economics at the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Fast fashion in transformation – the changing textile industry – Laura Linnala, project manager specialized in circular economy and biodiversity at the The Swedish Institute for Standards.

Examples and challenges – Raul Carlson, managing director of the technical committee and senior researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Panel discussion with questions from the audience

Outlooks – Pär Larshans, sustainability manager, Ragn-Sells.

Outlooks –Henning Wilts, Wuppertal Institute. 

Outlooks –Nancy Bocken, professor, Maastricht University.

Chatham House Rules Round table workshop.