“Avfall i Nytt Fokus”: Mistra REES researcher Erik Sundin, Linköping University, and industrial collaborator Matilda Jarbin, Godsinlösen, presented their research and operations within remanufacturing. The conference was hosted by REES-researcher Maria Ljunggren Söderman.

The two-day-conference “Avfall i nytt Fokus – från teknik till styrmedel” (eng. “Waste in new focus”) attracted industry, authorities and academia dealing with waste and waste prevention during 29-30th of March 2017.

The conference was held in Hyllie outside Malmö and was organized by Waste Refinery, Re:Source, IVL, Chalmers, and RISE by e.g. the Mistra REES research Maria Ljunggren Söderman (Chalmers).

Matilda and Erik presented ways for companies to prevent waste to be created by reuse and remanufacture of used or damaged products.

More specifically, Matilda Jarbin described how they at Godsinlösen take care of goods that have been damaged and make them into fully functional products again. Examples of products brought up were smart phones and furniture. To see more about the company’s business go to: www.godsinlosen.se.

Erik presented recent changes in waste treatment and what the economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing. In addition, the role of remanufacturing in the circular economy was explored. For more information, see Erik’s LiU web page.

For more information about the conference, contact Maria Ljunggren Söderman.

Link to the conference:

Listen to Maria Ljunggren Söderman in an interview with P1-morgon (in Swedish only)

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Erik Sundin

Associate Professor

Maria Ljunggren

Associate Professor