ISO – International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Circular Economy met in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 2-6 October, with delegations from all over the world. The working groups met for the last step of their work to finalize the three standard packages:

#ISO59004 Terminology, principles and guidance for implementation
#ISO59010 Guidance on business models and value networks
#ISO59020 Measuring and assessing circularity

Mistra REES researchers Mattias Lindahl and Tomohiko Sakao participated during the week.

It was a very fruitful week in Brazil with work meetings, a very instructive visit from Flex company, and some social activities. On the third meeting day, a webinar presented the coming #ISO59014 – Environmental management and circular economy – Sustainability and traceability of secondary materials recovery – Principles and requirements.

A large group of people