Design Process for Implementation of Circular Economy in the Automotive Industry – A case study of Volvo Cars

14 June, 2018  |  General

An interesting master thesis, supervised by REES researcher Mattias Lindahl, was recently presented at Linköpings University. The thesis answers how a design process can support the implementation of circular economy in an automotive industry. The study involves a case of Volvo Cars and focuses on polymer components in the car interior. The design process involves a future shared mobility... Läs mer

ECEEE panel pitching

14 June, 2018  |  General

#eceee2018 panel session pitching to start of this years gatheeing. Let the industrial energy efficiency blow our ideas for low-carbon minds!— Mistra REES (@MistraRees) 11 juni... Läs mer

Industrial Efficiency 2018 Leading the low-carbon transition

14 June, 2018  |  General

REES policy research expert #carldalhammar & coordinator @AnnaBrunzell from #MISTRAREES arr representant REES at the #eceee2018 in Berlin. Keep an eye here to follow exciting discussions and results on energy efficiency & circular economy @MistraForskning— Mistra REES (@MistraRees) 11 juni... Läs mer

Informal session panel 2 – Carl Dalhammar leads discussion on resources

14 June, 2018  |  General

#REES researcher #Carldalhammar from @IIIEElund chairs one of the informal sessions at the #eceee2018 Panel 2 now discussing models on synergies and trade-offs from products life-cycle.— Mistra REES (@MistraRees) 12 juni... Läs mer

Resource-sufficiency! It’s not enough to consume greener, we have to consume less.

14 June, 2018  |  General

Current discussion in panel 2: Should we aim for more expensive & high quality products that are fair and sustainable rather than go for low-quality & cheap ones #eceee2018 — Mistra REES (@MistraRees) 12 juni... Läs mer

Should energy practitioners consider resources in future research?

14 June, 2018  |  General

#eceee2018 informal session panel 2 discussing whether energy practitioners should consider resources (not just embodied energy) in future research and practice. Views differ, dynamic discussion!— Mistra REES (@MistraRees) 12 juni... Läs mer

Leading expert on Circular Economy visits Linköping

28 May, 2018  |  General

One of the world's foremost experts comes to Sweden to discuss how the visions of a more circular and climate friendly economy can become reality. We met Ken Webster for a chat. Circular economy is about much more than just recycling and waste minimization. Ken Webster is in Linköping to give a key-note speech and take part in the sessions at the 10th CIRP IPS He is convinced that our view... Läs mer

Remanufacturing experts meet at LiU

14 November, 2017  |  Events

  “Remanufacture must become the normal and natural way of handling products.” These are the words of David Fitzsimons, head of the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture, and invited keynote speaker at the ICoR 2017 conference. The Third International Conference on Remanufacturing, ICoR, has just finished, arranged by researchers at LiU led by Erik Sundin, and the University of... Läs mer