REES Researchers at waste-conference

31 March, 2017  |  Events

“Avfall i Nytt Fokus”: Mistra REES researcher Erik Sundin, Linköping University, and industrial collaborator Matilda Jarbin, Godsinlösen, presented their research and operations within remanufacturing. The conference was hosted by REES-researcher Maria Ljunggren Söderman. The two-day-conference “Avfall i nytt Fokus – från teknik till styrmedel” (eng. “Waste in new... Läs mer

A meeting of two worlds

30 March, 2017  |  General

“We’re hoping to gain a great deal from the hours we put into Mistra REES, and it’s looking very promising,” says Annika Fernlund, board member of Polyplank, a company based in the southern Swedish county of Småland. The company is not only participating in several research projects within Mistra REES; it has also taken on a student from Lund University for a degree project. A... Läs mer

First ECD Ecodesign standard

5 March, 2017  |  General

Mistra REES researchers Erik Sundin and Mattias Lindahl are participating in writing a new international standard on Ecodesign called “Environmental Conscious Design (ECD) - Principles, requirements and guidance”. Among 15 experts, Erik Sundin and Mattias Lindahl, are actively creating the first ISO standard on Ecodesign in London this week. This standard is unique since it is new... Läs mer

Rees researchers updating ISO 14006

21 February, 2017  |  General

Mistra REES researchers, research as well as results plays an active part in the updating of the ISO 14006 about Environmental management systems -- Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign This week researchers from the Mistra REES programme are attending a three days meeting at BSI in London. The ISO 14006 standard, first published in 2011, now undergoes an updating process. The standard... Läs mer

New REES report outlines the need for governmental interventions

15 December, 2016  |  General

Policy makers and business executives find it increasingly difficult to comprehend the different aspects of the concept of Circular Economy and how they can make a difference in their decisions, by “closing the loop” and increasing resource efficiency. This report answers to these uncertainties and provides guidelines towards policy areas that would require particular attention in the future... Läs mer

Coffee maker – the first design challenge

18 November, 2016  |  General

Redesign a coffee machine and make it as environmentally friendly and resource efficient as possible, throughout its entire lifespan. This was the challenge given to representatives from six of the Mistra REES companies at a workshop in Gothenburg earlier this month. “It was good to design both products and services at the same time.” “It was fun but tough”. “Acting outside the... Läs mer