Leading expert on Circular Economy visits Linköping

28 May, 2018  |  General

One of the world's foremost experts comes to Sweden to discuss how the visions of a more circular and climate friendly economy can become reality. We met Ken Webster for a chat. Circular economy is about much more than just recycling and waste minimization. Ken Webster is in Linköping to give a key-note speech and take part in the sessions at the 10th CIRP IPS He is convinced that our view... Läs mer

Remanufacturing experts meet at LiU

14 November, 2017  |  Events

  “Remanufacture must become the normal and natural way of handling products.” These are the words of David Fitzsimons, head of the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture, and invited keynote speaker at the ICoR 2017 conference. The Third International Conference on Remanufacturing, ICoR, has just finished, arranged by researchers at LiU led by Erik Sundin, and the University of... Läs mer

Researching policies for REES

5 October, 2017  |  General

While many reports discuss the large business and growth opportunities related to the Circular economy, the vision of a Circular Economy cannot be realized without policy interventions. In fact, there are many companies who develop more circular, sustainable solutions but find it very difficult to compete with traditional, ‘linear’ businesses on the market. Project 4 in Mistra-Rees... Läs mer

ICOR International Conference on Remanufacturing

5 October, 2017  |  Events

Linköping University will together with University of Strathclyde host the 3rd International Conference on Remanufacturing (ICoR), 24-26 October 2017, in Linköping, Sweden. ICoR-17 follows previous successful ICoR conferences that were held in Glasgow 2011 and in Amsterdam 2015. This conference targets international participants from academia and industry to meet and learn more about... Läs mer

REES research recognised in new standard on Circular Economy

20 June, 2017  |  General

Research from REES has been put forward and included in the new standard BS 8001:2017 "Framework for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organizations - Guide". Last week the first standard on Circular Economy was launched in Britain. It is called BS 8001:2017 “Framework for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organizations – Guide”. It first... Läs mer

A programme with potential to make a difference

3 April, 2017  |  General

Major demands are increasingly imposed on industry to design pro-ducts that are as efficient as possible. REES presents solutions with significant future impact on the life cycle of products and services say Jan-Eric Sundgren, chair of the board. Industrialized society has long been dominated for the most part by a linear way of production and consumption in which raw materials are used to... Läs mer

REES Researchers at waste-conference

31 March, 2017  |  Events

“Avfall i Nytt Fokus”: Mistra REES researcher Erik Sundin, Linköping University, and industrial collaborator Matilda Jarbin, Godsinlösen, presented their research and operations within remanufacturing. The conference was hosted by REES-researcher Maria Ljunggren Söderman. The two-day-conference “Avfall i nytt Fokus – från teknik till styrmedel” (eng. “Waste in new... Läs mer

A meeting of two worlds

30 March, 2017  |  General

“We’re hoping to gain a great deal from the hours we put into Mistra REES, and it’s looking very promising,” says Annika Fernlund, board member of Polyplank, a company based in the southern Swedish county of Småland. The company is not only participating in several research projects within Mistra REES; it has also taken on a student from Lund University for a degree project. A... Läs mer