On the 10th of September will professor Donald Huisingh from the University of Tennessee give a seminar about “What are the Challenges for University Faculty, Students, Alumni, Government, Industry and Society-at Large to Plan and Implement ways to “Accelerate the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable, Livable, Post Fossil-Carbon Societies””

His visit at Linköping University, sponsored by Mistra REES, is the first one in a coming number of visits. Professor Huisingh is the Founder and the former Editor-in-Chief, and now serving as the Editor-in-Chief, Emeritus of the Journal of Cleaner Production, an Elsevier Science Publication (Impact factor for 2017 of: 5.651). He is skilled in interdisciplinary education and holistic approaches to defining and solving society’s problems so that effective and equitable progress can be made toward Sustainable Societies. He also addresses issues such as the philosophical, ethical, and political implications of improper eco-system management, human population growth and human capacity building, human empowerment, trans-gender, trans-generational, trans-ethnic and trans-regional equity.