We have seen a number of waves in AI throughout the years. In recent years, something remarkable has happened. Companies are talking about moving into an AI-First world, and countries are starting to build AI strategies to keep up with a quickly evolving world of AI. What has really happened in recent years and how should companies prepare for the rapid changes we are seeing?
This talk will give a brief introduction to how AI has evolved, give real-world examples of how AI is being used by companies like Spotify and Peltarion, and also some concrete tips on how companies can prepare for an AI-First Future.

Anders Arpteg has been working with AI for 20 years both in academia and industry with a PhD from Linköping University. Worked at Spotify for many years making use of big data and machine learning techniques to optimize user experience. Now working with the latest and greatest AI techniques at Peltarion as Principal Data Scientist, where we have the ambitious goal of making deep learning and the latest AI techniques available for all, not just the large technology organizations. Also founder of Agent Central AB, AI adviser for the Swedish government, organizer of Machine Learning Stockholm meetup group, and member of several advisory boards.

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