New article on a taxation framework for the Circular Economy

25 January, 2021  |  General

In the Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Union there is a section about “getting the economics right”, encouraging the application of economic instruments. In a new article in the journal Circular Economy and Sustainability, Leonidas Milios outlines a comprehensive taxation framework, applied across the life cycle of products. The framework includes (1) a raw material resource tax,... Read more

Real or fake Christmas tree, which is the best in terms of sustainability?

23 December, 2020  |  Media

Listen to Mistra REES researcher Anne-Marie Tillman as she sorts out the question in Swedish Radio's program Nordengren & Epstein i P1 Link to the episode (about 31 minutes into the program and in Swedish... Read more

Alternatives to throwaway

27 November, 2020  |  General

In an article published on Linköping University's website, Mistra REES Program Director Mattias Lindahl and Erik Sundin, professor of sustainable production, argue about how to use existing resources in a more efficient way to be able to achieve the global sustainability goals. Read the article... Read more

“From Black Friday to Circular Monday and a sustainable year”

26 November, 2020  |  Media

Tomorrow it’s ”Black Friday”, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. We are bombarded with deals, specials and reasons to consume. Oksana Mont, together with Mistra REES researcher Carl Dalhammar and Alexandra Davidsson from “Medveten konsumtion” have written a debate article on this topic which was published in Aktuell Hållbarhet. Read the debate article here. (In Swedish... Read more

New book on Functional Sales – Free Download

5 November, 2020  |  General

Mistra REES has contributed to a book on functional sales which can be downloaded via this link. The book is only available in Swedish. This is a popular science guide to the Swedish rules on functional selling (or, if you prefer, as a service-sales). The purpose of the guide is to provide both an overview of the rules on functional sales, and some advice, from a proactive, primarily legal,... Read more

Carl Dalhammar recently presented research from Mistra-REES at EEEN2020

4 November, 2020  |  Events

Carl was invited speaker at EEEN2020:European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum , in Nov 2020, where he had a presentation on ‘Extending the lifetime of products through design and repairs - evaluating policy interventions in a dynamic setting’. Link to the conference... Read more

New scientific report from Chalmers

21 October, 2020  |  Reports

Daniel Böckin, PhD student at Chalmers, is one of the first co-authors on the recently published scientific report within Mistra REES: "Environmental assessment of two business models - a life cycle comparison between a sales and a rental business model in the apparel sector in Sweden" This report presents and applies a new method for environmentally assessing business models from a life cycle... Read more

REES researcher Carl Dalhamar held a keynote speech at the Annual Conference on European Consumer Law 2020

13 October, 2020  |  Events

REES researcher Carl Dalhammar held a keynote speech at the annual conference on European Consumer Law, arranged by the Academy of European Law. His presentation was titled ‘Circular Economy developments in Sweden’.  Carl was also a panelist at the Roundtable discussion on ‘Bringing the green and digital transitions together – what are the main challenges How can we achieve a more... Read more