Mistra REES in Almedalen

14 June, 2023  |  General

Mattias Lindahl, Mistra REES’ program manager will be in Almedalen this year. 28 June 10.00-10.45, Stop burning clothes and contribute to our circular future Aktuell Hållbarhet arranges a seminar where Mattias will participate together with Maja Dahlbom, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Anna Vilén, Siptex/Sysav, and Joakim Järrebring, Member of Parliament. Read more in... Read more

EU-initiative on banning product destruction in line with new T20 policy brief

9 June, 2023  |  General

Unsustainable consumption dynamics that lead to companies destroying their unsold clothes on purpose need to be broken. EU’s suggestion on banning product destruction seeks to do just this, and is in line with newly published recommendations to G20 countries. In a consumption system characterized by fast fashion, all-time access to shopping and overproduction, product destruction of... Read more

Best Paper Award 2022 given to Mistra REES researchers

25 May, 2023  |  General

Adeline Jerome, Harald Helander, Maria Ljunggren and Matty Janssen have received Best Paper Award for Review Paper from Resources Conservation and Recycling. The award was for their review of circular economy indicators and comparison with LCA on different cases with the title "Mapping and testing circular economy product-level indicators: A critical review". The annual Best Paper Awards... Read more

Researchers at the LCE 2023

22 May, 2023  |  Events

Last week our researchers Erik Sundin, Johan Vogt Duberg, Mattias Lindahl and Tomohiko Sakao attended the CIRP Life Cycle Engineering conference in New Brunswick, USA. Johan Vogt Duberg presented how OEMs can frame remanufacturing initiations and showed practical examples of critical areas for successful initiations, and a general 5-step approach for initiating remanufacturing. Read the full... Read more

Can all of humanity prosper and thrive on a stable, resilient Earth?

12 May, 2023  |  General

Anders Wijkman recently introduced the book Earth for All - A Survival Guide for Humanity during an open lecture at Linköping University. The book was launched in September last year, five decades after The Limits to Growth, as a report to the Club of Rome. Surrounded by crises Humanity is surrounded by several crises, such as the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic,... Read more

Is it possible to replace today’s all-thermoplastic variants with a lower number?

28 November, 2022  |  General

This is the title of a report released today by the Unity project, a collaboration between Mistra REES and Mistra STEPS. The large number of different plastic variants with different additives used and mixed in various products causes major problems when recycling plastic material. Even if one succeeds in their recycling, the individual volumes of each separated plastic fraction with clear... Read more

Standards in circular economy contribute to sustainable development

11 October, 2022  |  General

What is circular economy, how do we measure it and at the end how do we make our business models more circular Global standardization will help to answer these questions. Standardization in the field of circular economy is intended to be used by organizations seeking to understand and commit to a circular economy while contributing to sustainable development. Mattias Lindahl and Tomohiko Sakao... Read more