Mistra REES - Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions

Mistra REES – Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy thinking is a 4-year programme run by a consortium of leading Swedish universities, large and small companies and societal actors. The program’s vision is to advance the transition of the Swedish manufacturing industry towards a circular and sustainable economy.


REES researchers give on-line course in Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management

This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can... Read more

9 November, 2018

3D-printing can reduce environmental impacts of trucks

3D-printed truck engines have the potential to reduce the total environmental impact of trucks. That is the... Read more

28 September, 2018

Donald Huisingh from the University of Tennessee visiting LiU

On the 10th of September will professor Donald Huisingh from the University of Tennessee give a seminar about “What... Read more

31 August, 2018

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